Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Oh Baby!!   You didn't just do that on Momma".  Photo Session turned to Poo Poo Session

The Love, The Joy and The RELATIONSHIP PORTRAIT For Infants.

You have had so many years to hear "look at the camera and Smile",  however  a baby has a very short time to be an infant.  The very first professional portrait session is cherished no matter what but believe me after 27 years of being  blessed  with the opportunity to photograph thousands of infants, I know well that nothing can replace the "Relationship Portrait".

    Complimentary Photo Sessio In September and October.
How about showing your special bond and emotion in a free Baby photo session for the next two months.  This first Professional Photo Session and portraits will be enjoyed for years to come.  Call Me at 949-661-2024 or e-mail for more information and to schedule your appointment.  I will do my very best  to make sure of your comfort and do my very best work for you always.